Work Area

Janakalyan Pratisthan

Area of Operation

Nuagada, R.Udayagiri, Kasinagar , Gumma ,Mohana Block of Gajapati District, Jujumara,Rengali, Jamankira, Bamara Blocks of Sambalpur District .

Thrust Area

The organization promotes community-Based initiatives and efforts through the empowerment of CBOs through Education,  management of Natural Resources Promoting livelihood sources through community education, skill development, agriculture, and community health activities with Gender justice.

Target Community

Janakalyan Pratisthan is mainly working with schedule tribes, and Dalit children PVTGs.

Present Funding Partners

  • IRRI
  • ATMA

Awards and Achievements

  • Gold award from Philips God fray India Ltd.
  • Prakruti Mitra state-level award from Dep’t of Forest and Envt. Govt of Orissa.
  • Appreciations from many local Associations.