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Janakalyan Pratisthan

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Janakalyan Pratisthan

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Janakalyan Pratisthan

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Welcome To

Janakalyan Pratisthan

Our Mission

Organize and empower the deprived marginalized poor specially STs enhancing leadership promoting CBOs through facilitation towards self-reliance to enable them to access and control natural resources.

Our Vision

JKP aspires for a society that is just, participatory, sustainable, free from exploitation and Discrimination with equality where individuals and groups have the power to control their own lives in harmonious

Our Goal

The culture of silence by the deprived mass poor class is to be broken through awareness and unity with a holistic approach that secures power to the powerless majority leading to a classless society.


Janakalyan Pratisthan

Janakalyan Pratisthan is the creation of committed Youth Development workers with critical understanding with the alliance of intellectuals and experienced development workers of the area.
It is a secular, Non-Political Organization aiming for social transformation through people’s participation at all levels. It was grown in promoting harmonious cooperation

Janakalyan Pratisthan

Janakalyan Pratisthan

Janakalyan Pratisthan

Janakalyan Pratisthan

Janakalyan Pratisthan

Making Memories

At the end of the day all that matters is love and memories, so make sure you contribute your little time and love to make memories with us.

Our Activities


  • Horticultural plantation.

Nutrition issue

  •  Ensure nutrition facilities and nutrition for children

Cluster Farming

  • Agricultural inputs, implements, and infrastructure support to SHGs.

Radio janavani 90.8 FM

Radio janavani 90.8 FM is located in B.Sitapur, Gajapati. Currently, we do not have any reviews or ratings for Radio Janavani 90.8 FM. There are at least 2 Radio broadcasters in B.Sitapur, out of which this Radio broadcaster has an overall rank of 1. The address of the Radio broadcaster is SH 4, Paralakhemundi, Odisha 761201, India.

The objective of our’s Community Radio intervention is to address crucial social issues at the community levels, such as poverty and social exclusion, empower marginalized rural groups and catalyze democratic processes and ongoing development efforts.

Our Events

Kishan Diwas

Chaudhary Charan Singh Jayanti or the birth anniversary of Chaudhary Charan Singh is on December 23. It is observed as “Kisan Diwas” or Farmer’s day in India. Since farmers are the backbone of an economy, therefore,

Health Check-Up

Mobile medical dispensaries reach out to the remotest parts of the country to spread awareness of health and sanitation. We also have the facility of mobile dispensaries that reach out to far-away parts of the country.

Tree Plantation

Our organization has implemented some programs to create environmental awareness to avoid natural disasters and environmental pollution. The event was held on June 5 as World Environment Day by distributing trees and planting

President’s Message

“I am very proud to be a part of the Janakalyan Pratisthan. Message I want to convey to society people that, we all live for our society, and society is the family of all of us, and the responsibility of our family is also ours. But we don’t fulfill our responsibility towards society members. I want everyone to come forward and join our team who is doing such a great job. Please support us to stand by those feckless, backward people.”

Smt. Satyabati Panigrahy

President, Janakalyan Pratisthan